23 September, 2023
9 mins read

How much money will 2 million dollars get me a year?

How much would an annuity pay $2 million? Pensions can be beneficial for retirees, especially those who plan for the future and want to avoid it stock market risks. However, it can be difficult to calculate your payout amount, and everyone’s circumstances will affect their monthly payment differently. However, it is not impossible to estimate […]

4 mins read

Consumers are not even close to being exploited. Here’s why, and what that means for the stock market.

The resilient consumer has helped avoid a recession thus far.Press View/Getty Images Most predictions of a stock market decline hinge on US consumer weakness. Pessimistic investors point to trillion-dollar credit card debt, upcoming student loan payments, and excess savings being depleted during the pandemic. But the American consumer has a lot of spending power, and […]

12 mins read

10 life and money lessons we learned the hard way

About the author: Jonathan Clements is the founder of the personal finance site HumbleDollar. He spent nearly 20 years at The Wall Street Journal, where he was the newspaper’s personal finance columnist, and six years at Citigroup, where he was director of financial education for the bank’s wealth management arm in the US. Read a […]

2 mins read

US stocks closed higher as traders ignored Powell’s warnings about possible further rate hikes

Fed Chair Powell confirmed that inflation remains above the Fed’s 2% target.AP/Suzanne Walsh photo, file US stocks rose on Friday as markets ignored Powell’s warnings about possible further Fed policy tightening. The Fed chief said the central bank may raise interest rates further “if appropriate” to curb inflation. Investors seemed to ignore this warning, which […]